Fung Scholars Leadership Conference 2023 Registration Form

You are cordially invited to our Fung Scholars Leadership Conference 2023 to be held on 7 - 8 October in Hong Kong.

A confirmation will be sent in July.
I. Personal Information 
Your first name
Your family name 
Your preferred name
Which university did you study when you received the Fung Scholarships?
Year of Sponsorship Awarded (e.g., 2022/23)
Mobile No. (please include country code)
Wechat ID
Personal Email Address
Current City
Why do you want to attend the Conference? (Not less than 50 words)
    II. Event Registration 
Day 1: Ideas Polygram
Please specify the information you wish to convey or share with Fung Scholars, and indicate whether it is a project, start-ups, research, or other format/category, along with a tentative topic draft.
Day 1: Local Tours 
Local Tours will be organized by Fung Scholars on the evening of Day 1.
Please indicate if you are interested in joining the tours. 
yes, I'm interested in.
I would prefer joining the dinner in the conference venue.
Day 2: Excursion: Please indicate a preference:

Option A: Artwork Making Workshop (Hand Spinning/Wax Print Pouch making) OR

Option B: Natural dye workshop (a dyeing experience using natural indigo and plant-based resources)
Option A
Option B
I am not able to join the excursion
Join Our Team of Volunteers:
Which role would you be interested in?
Registration Desk Assistant
Any special dietary requirement?
III. Student Subsidies Application
We understand that attending the conference may be financially challenging for some Fung Scholars, who are currently full-time students and may not have the means to travel to Hong Kong. To support these scholars, we are pleased to offer a subsidy to those who are interested in attending all programs on Conference Day 1 and 2.

- Subsidies will be granted to students who attend all programs on Conference Day 1 and Day 2.
- Eligible students must be successfully registered for the conference and show a valid university student card.
- The Foundation reserves the right to make the final decision on the grant of subsidies.
- Please note that all participants are responsible for arranging their own travel insurance and accommodation.
Are you a full time student? 
Yes, I am.
No, I am not.
If you are eligible for applying travel subsidy and would like to apply, please indicate your current University/Institute Location
Anything you want to let us know.