CIUG 2301 Chinese Course Registration Form

1. Please select your course carefully according to your level and time slots.
2. For UG credit course learners, please make sure to register your Chinese course in SRMS system or with your faculty as well.
3. For non-UG learners, if you are paying course registration fee on your own (not by your agency), please process payment before class starts. Contact or 6650256(WhatsApp) for payment method information.
4. After you click “提交”,your registration with CIUG is successful. There is no email confirmation. Your class teacher will send you an email containing class login information at least two days before class starts tentatively on Jan. 14th.
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Your Student's ID/USI, if you are a current UG student.
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Your Faculty/Department if you are a UG learner. Or your employer/organization if non-UG learner.
Your campus (like Turkeyen or Berbice) if you are a UG learner.
Select your course according to your schedule and level. We meet twice a week.
CHN1100 Level 1 Class A Tuesday and Thursday 8:15-10:10am
CHN1100 Level 1 Class B Friday and Saturday 8:00-9:55pm
CHN1200 Level 2 Class A Tuesday and Thursday 8:15-10:10am
CHN1200 Level 2 Class B Tuesday and Thursday 8:00-9:55pm
CHN1101 Level 3 Friday 8:15-10:10am and Saturday 8:00-09:55pm
CHN1201 Level 4 Tuesday and Thursday 8:00-9:55pm
CHN1102 Level 5 Monday and Wednesday 8:00-9:55pm
Click the blue bar(提交) below to submit. Then your registration with CIUG is successful.