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Currently, there have been some issues with our email system, causing many emails to fail to be delivered. If you have been unable to receive our emails, please contact us via our email MAGUS is a Python package designed to predict crystal structures, which is developed by Prof. Jian Sun's group at Nanjing University and is free for non-commercial academic use. We will invite you into the MAGUS project on after you fill in this registration form and agree with the term of use of MAGUS, then you can download and install the code.
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Term of Use for MAGUS: (1) This Code or itsderivative work will not be used for any purpose other than non-commercial research. (2) This Code or its derivative code will not be published or otherwise distributed. (3) The use of this Code should be acknowledged by citing the following paper: [1] Junjie Wang, et al.,"MAGUS: machine learning and graph theory assisted universal structure searcher". (under review) [2] Kang Xia,Hao Gao, et al.,“A novel superhard tungsten nitride predicted by machine-learning accelerated crystal structure search”, Sci. Bull. 63,817 (2018).
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