Invoice information and user information

if there are any questions when you fill out the questionnaire, please contact us by E-mail to
1. Name(姓名):*
the one who paid the registration fee.
2. UserID of 3M NANO website(用户ID):* (6到7字)
the ID of the one who paid the registration fee. you can found your userid, begins with "22"NOT USER NAME
example: 220123
3. Type of invoice(发票类别)*
vat special invoice has only paper invoice
relugar electronic invoice(普通电子发票)
vat special invoice(增值税专用发票)
4. Company name(单位名称)*
5. Taxpayer identification number(纳税人识别号)*
10. Invoice amount(发票金额)*
which is used to verify registration charges
11. Recipient TEL(联系方式):*