2022 DofE China Training 爱丁堡公爵国际奖培训

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5. Delegate's award role 您的奖项角色* 【多选题】
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Award leader 奖项导师
AJ supervisor 户外探索监督员
AJ Assessor 户外探索评估员
Others 其它
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9. Which workshop you chose to attend
请选择您要参加的培训场次* 【多选题】
1. 12,19,26 March 2022, Virtual, Level 2, English
2. 09-10 April 2022, Shanghai, Level 2, English
3. 16-17 April 2022, Beijing, Level 2, English
4. 14,21,28 May 2022, Virtual, Level 2, English
5. 15,22,29 October 2022, Virtual, Level 2, English
6. 2022年11月12-13, 广州, 2级, 中文
7.TBD November/December 2022, TBD, Level 3, English
8. 2022年11月6日, 12月3日, 12月10日, 线上, 2级, 中文
10. From this workshop, what do you expect? 从此次培训中,您想要:* 【多选题】
Something to share 分享
Something to learn 学习
Something to practice 练习
Note: Thanks for your registration! You will be contacted by China NAO to confirm the training seat. If any query,please feel free to e-mail lily.cai@intawardchina.cn
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