2023 HKMKC Registration

2023 香港數學袋鼠競賽報名

Exam Date: March 25th/26th, Saturday/Sunday
Successful registrants will receive contest details through email on or before March 22nd.
Student First Name|考生英文名:
Student Last Name (Surname)|考生英文姓:
Student Chinese Name [Optional, if no Chinese name]|考生中文姓名(請用中文繁體填寫):
Student Gender|性別:
M 男
F 女
Student Date of Birth|考生出生日期:
School Full English Name|學校英文全稱:
Student Grade|學生年級:
Contest Level|考試組別:
Student can participate in the contest corresponds to higher grades. For example, a grade 3 student can attend both Ecolier and Benjamin contests. 學生可以越級參加比賽。例如,三年級的學生可以同時參小學中年級和小學高年級的競賽。

If student is going to paricipate in more than one level of contests, please pay the registration fee and fill out this registration form separately. 如果參加多個組別的競賽,請分開支付報名費,並分別填寫此報名表單。

Email 電子郵件:
Please do not use *@126.com, *@hotmail.com|請不要使用126和hotmail郵箱。
Hong Kong Mobile Number|香港手機號碼:
WeChat ID (Optional)|微信號(可選填):
Parent Name (Optional)|家長姓名(可選填):
2023 HKMKC Registration Fee Payment HKD 128 Screenshot| 
选择文件( 不超过4M )
Registration Fee Paid Date|報名費繳交日期: