ACAA Volunteer Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming an ACAA Volunteer! Your support allows the ACAA to provide valuable services to the Australia-China community and our Australian partner universities’ alumni across China.


As an ACAA Volunteer, you:

·  Have the opportunity to network with representatives from the Australian & Chinese government,s international and Chinese companies and a range of associations and organisations;

·  Receive priority invitations to the ACAA’s exclusive events;

·  Can raise your own personal profile within the alumni community;

·  Gain valuable exposure across ACAA’s media platform (website, WeChat, Weibo & monthly newsletters - 24,000+ subscribers);

·  Receive a reference letter for your efforts;

·  May be selected as the ACAA Volunteer of the Year[KC1] to be recognized at the annual Australia China Alumni Awards;

Application Process:

1. Complete the volunteer application form;

2. If the application is approved, you will be contacted for an interview;

Application Form 
1. Name*
2. Mobile Number(11digits, Australian number pls replace the first 0 with 61, i.e 0449-xxx-xxx -> 61449xxxxxx): *
3. Email*
4. Which city are you currently living in?*
5. Which Australian university did you graduate from?*
6. I am already registered as an ACAA member, my registered email is: 
*If you have registered as an ACAA member on our website or WeChat, it would be helpful to provide your registered email to us. )


7. Preferred city and time period: (example: Guangzhou, Jan 2019- Jun 2019)*
8. Why are you interested in volunteering for the ACAA?*

Which of the responsibilities below would you be most interested in? 

(You can choose more than one option)  

* 【多选题】
Support local ACAA activities or events in my city;
Be an ACAA ambassador and encourage alumni to join the ACAA;
Initiate and organise events in your city;
Mentor Program: recommend mentor(s) or be a mentor in your city;
Be a guest speaker at the ACAA’s events or relevant Australia-China community events. Please specify topics you can speak about:

Provide the ACAA with advice and/or suggestions on services for our alumni;
Assist with creating and/or designing promotional content for the ACAA;
Assist with the ACAA’s online promotional platforms;

Apart from the above, is there anything else you would like to offer?

(E.g: professional skills to help ACAA’s daily operation, photographer at the ACAA’s event, proofreading/editing content, graphical design support)

11. By completing this application form, you understand that:* 【最少选择2项】
The ACAA is a not-for-profit non-government organization (NGO) and as an ACAA Volunteer, I will contribute to the alumni community in a non-commercial manner.
The ACAA reserves the right to terminate my volunteer position if I conduct any inappropriate activities.
My contact details including full name, graduated Australian University and email address will be displayed across all ACAA channels for other alumni to reach out to.
The role of an ACAA volunteer does not provide any remuneration and there is no guarantee of an internship or job position at the ACAA.
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