本次调查旨在建立CHPAMS学会专家库,目的是1)便利中国国内访问学者寻找到研究领域更匹配的海外导师; 2)重大公共卫生事件中便于媒体找到研究领域对口的专家采访; 3)为公共政策制定者提供专业、高质量的参考。请务必确认所填信息的真实、准确。研究领域最多选择3项,所有信息均用英文填写!感谢配合参与!!!

CHPAMS is building an expert database to facilitate improved matching between potential academic mentors and mentees overseas, high-quality public policy consultation, and as a comprehensive media guide. If you wish to participate in this important mission, please fill out the following form and submit. Please make sure your information is accurate. One is only allowed to enter up to 3 fields of expertise. All information provided must be in English. Thank You!

1. Your Name (First Name + Family Name):*
2. Your Highest Degree (e.g. PhD):
3. Your Affiliation (e.g. XXX University):
4. Your Academic Rank: *
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Research Associate, Lecturer, and Instructor
Adjunct Professor/Lecturer/Instructor (often part-time)

5. Your Preferred Contact Email (e.g.
6. Fields of Expertise (Up to 3 Fields):* 【请选择1-3项】
1) Aging
2) Biomedical Lab Sciences
3) Biostatistics
4) Chronic Disease
5) Clinical Research
6) Communication Sciences and Disorders
7) Community Health
8) Dental Public Health
9) Environmental Health
10) Epidemiology
11) Exercise Science
12) Food Safety
13) Genetics
14) Global Health
15) Health Administration
16) Health Economics/Health Finance
17) Health Education/Behavioral Sciences
18) Health Law
19) Health Promotion and Communications
20) Health Services Research
21) Immunology
22) Infectious Diseases
23) Informatics
24) Injury/Violence
25) Management and Health Policy
26) Maternal and Child Health
27) Mental Health
28) Minority Health and Health Disparities
29) Multicultural Studies
30) Neuroscience
31) Nutrition/Public Health Nutrition
32) Occupational Health/Industrial Hygiene
33) Parasitology
34) Population and Reproductive Health
35) Population Sciences
36) Preparedness Response and Recovery
37) Public Health Ethics
38) Public Health Leadership
39) Public Health Medicine
40) Public Health Policy
41) Public Health Practice
42) Risk Assessment
43) Social Determinants of Health
44) Substance Use/Harm Reduction
45) Toxicology
46) Tropical Medicine
47) Veterinary Public Health
48) Women’s Health

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