PISA Registration Form 国际学生生涯协会登记表

Please fill out this form to become full member of The Professional International Students Association: PISA Shanghai.

By completing this survey you agree that PISA will use your information internally and to a limited extent externally, providing some of the data to potential employers, partners and other members.

This enables you and our organization to fully reach its potential and purpose.

Thanks for joining us!





1. Your Name 姓名
2. Occupation 职业*
Student 学生
Professional 专业人士
4. How long are you planning to stay in China?*
Less than 6 mounts
Between one and two years
Between two and three years
More than three years
5. Your telephone number 手机号码
6. Wechat ID 微信ID*
7. Email address 电子邮件*
8. Your nationality*
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