2020 YMCG Application Form 2020 广东国际青年音乐周申请表


Before filling out the application, you must have all of your videos completed and uploaded using your preferred file sharing service (e.g. youtube or youku). You will need to provide the viewing/downloading links in the application.


Video Audition Requirements:

1. Please play a song that you remember from your childhood. You can play it alone, sing it, or play with friends and colleagues. 请你演奏一首你童年听过的歌。你可以用乐器演奏、演唱,或者和你的朋友一起演奏。

2. Choose one of the following: 1. Play a short piece that you composed or improvised. 2.Tell us something about yourself. 3. Tell a joke. 4. Show us something that you've made. 5. Describe something beautiful that you admire. 请从以下几项中选择一项 : 1. 如果你自己作曲或即兴创作,演奏一首短的作品 2. 和我们说说你自己 3. 讲一个笑话 4. 给我们展示你自己做过的一件事 5. 描述一下你所热爱的任何一件美好的事物

3. Please refer to the list provided on the website. Applicants are required to submit at least THREE orchestral excerpts, chosen from the options listed in each instrument category (although we encourage applicants to submit the entire list). If there are less then three, all excerpts are required. Solo pieces are required.


如清单少于三首, 请提交所有选段独奏作品是必选曲目。

Any questions regarding the online application form, please write to: orchestra@ymcgchina.com

对于在线申请表如有任何问题,请写邮件至 orchestra@ymcgchina.com

Please note: It is strongly recommended (but not required) to fill out the application in English. The main language used during YMCG is English and to ensure the level of communication, we recommend that all applications be completed in English.