Purchase of Ticket - 棱鏡 | Prism 2019


WAVing Music Project 呈現: 棱鏡Prism香港專場 - 「總有一天你會出現在我身邊」

Date: December 22nd, 2019 Sunday
Time: 20:00 - 22:30
Venue: MoM Livehouse, North Point

Payment method 購票方式
Advanced: HKD 150 (FPS, Bank-transfer, Deposit, Cheque, Payme)
Online-Ticket: HKD 170 (Credit Card/Paypal accepted)
Offline Ticket: HKD 160 (Cash accepted and etc.)

Feel free to contact us if any questions.

Facebook/Instagram/Wechat/Weibo: postwavemusic
Email: postwavemusic.hk@gmail.com
Which Ticket?購買何種票種?
  • Only bank transfer, cheque, deposit, Payme
  • All payments are accepted, including credit card, paypal, etc.
  • Cash Accepted
    Depend on the ticket box