Dear parents,

Due to an overwhelming demand for kindergarten placements we are not able to meet all applicants in
person throughout the year. The admissions department allocate an average of 8-10 family tours per
week. If a personal tour is not possible, you will be invited to the annual "Open Day" for general
admissions which takes place end of April.

We kindly ask all parents to fill out this digital application (English version only) and follow guide.

- Read carefully.
- Answer truthfully.
- Do not leave any * mandatory fields empty.
- Use English or Pinyin (only names and addresses can be in Chinese characters)
- If not applicable, write NA in each field.
- Number lines cannot include letters, symbols or empty spaces (ID, passport, visa, phone numbers,
zip codes).
- Only fully completed applications can be submitted.
- Upon pressing "submit" a confirmation and thank you screen will come up.

Everyone who complete the online application will receive a call back within 5 working days (for holidays and days of closure, you can find the campus calendar on

Both the foreign and domestic programs offer full bilingual, half day English/Chinese, in an
international environment. Parents are required to support their child's English language learning and
communicate with either domestic (for domestic section) or foreign (for foreign section) English teachers.

You can find information about our program on (English only).

It takes approximately 10-20 minutes to fill out this application. Ready to begin?


*  Applicant is seeking placement in
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*  How do you know about the Newton, Hui Xin kindergarten program?
* Child's name (Write NA if not applicable)
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* Gender 
* Date of Birth 
* 4) Nationality & Registration information
* Is applicant currently attending a kindergarten program?
* Permanent residential address (Write NA if not applicable)
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Address line 2 (apartment, suite, unit, building, floor etc.)
Zip Code
* Is applicants mother or father registered as the property owner for above address?
* Do applicant currently reside in Suzhou?
* Do applicant have any medical conditions or allergies?
* Do applicant have siblings currently enrolled at Hui Xin campus?
* Do applicant live with (Select below and continue to input details)

I am the legal guardian of the applicant and have truthfully filled out the details of this application for possible admission at Newton, Hui Xin kindergarten.

I understand that Newton, Hui Xin kindergarten is not able to enroll all applicants and accept the rights
of the school to make selection.
CONFIRMATION EMAIL (To receive a confirmation of this application)
send to: