CIS Teacher Fair Registration


We honour teamwork and COLLABORATION, we believe in the power of imagination and INNOVATION and we aspire to greatness and to be SUCCESSFUL in all we do.  We are CIS.  COLLABORATE.  INNOVATE.  SUCCEED.

We are currently seeking teachers for the following positions:

Early Childhood Education

Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 4, Grade 5

Elementary Music

Elementary Art

Junior High/High School Music and Drama


Come and visit our beautiful new campus and meet the members of our school leadership team. 

Time: January 29, 2019

5:30pm  School Presentation in our auditorium

6:30-7:30pm Meet & Greet and Interviews 

Light Refreshments will be served
Please fill in below information to register.

Bachelor of Education is required for all positions.  Please visit to learn about about teacher qualifications for Alberta Accredited International Schools

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