USAD&USAP 2019 Judge Application Chengdu_Expat

USAP China 2019 to be held from February 11th to 14th at Century City International Convention Center in Chengdu, Sichuan. And USAD China 2019 will be held at the same location from February 15th to 18th.
In the afternoon of February 13th (1:30pm-5:00pm) and February 16th (1:00pm-6:00pm), we will hold the speech and interview section. We look forward to your participation as professional judges in this section. 

Please complete this online judge registration form. All the information will be kept confidential only for the purpose of participating at USAD&USAP China 2019.



(*) indicates that the question must be answered.
1. Full Name (*)*
Please use the name you want to show on your Judge Certificate.
2. Gender(*)*
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7. Skybe ID(If you don't have a Wechat ID, please give us your skype ID)
8. Mailing Address(*)*
9. Company/Association/Academic institute that you are affiliated with.(*)*
10. What is your title/position in the company/association. (indicate your grade if you are in an academic institute)(*)*
11. Have you participated in USAD/USAP China as a judge before. (*)*
12. Do you have experience in but not limited to the following:* 【多选题】
13. Are you associated with a team participating this year? If yes, please provide a brief explanation, if no, please enter No. (*)*
14. Please choose the date that you can participate in the speech and interview section.(*)* 【多选题】
15. Please book your interview time in this link below before your move to next question. * 【多选题】
16. Special Dietary Requirement (if applicable) (*)*
17. Where did you get the USAD&USAP 2019 Judge recruitment information.
18. Notes and comments for USAD&USAP China Committee.
19. Please upload your resume. (*)*
The file should not be larger than 4M. If you can't upload your resume, feel free to send it to!