We' re looking forward to your arrival in Shenzhen and will provide pick-up services (Airport Pick-up and Border Checkpoint Pick-up). Please kindly fill in and submit the form below before 20 July 2018.
Personal Information
Please write down your name shown on your passport
Number of person who will be coming with you:
Number of your luggage:
WeChat Account:
As we may not be able to contact you via phone number during pick-up period, as long as  Internet is available, WeChat (like WhatsApp) can bring much convenience. We strongly recommend you to download WeChat on your phone and register an account. Please also add our Student Ambassador Bob's WeChat (ID: qhz980626)
Emergency Contact Details
Please provide details of a parent, friend or guardian we can contact in case we cannot get in touch with you. This contact can be in China or abroad but should not be travelling with you. For phone numbers, please include country and area codes.
Emergency Contact Name:
Relationship to you:
Emergency Contact Email:
Emergency Contact Phone No.:
Pick-up Reference
Please advise your arrival time and pick-up location. Student helpers/Drivers will meet you at the selected pick-up location with CUHK Shenzhen banner.
Arrival Date:
Arrival Time:
please be specific e.g. 15:30pm (please kindly note that we are able to arrange pick-up during the regular hours 8:30am-18:00pm)
Pick-up Location:
Flight Information (for Airport Pick-up Only)
Please specify the flight transit information below:
e.g. Asiana Airline
Flight No. :
Date of Arrival (China Time):
e.g. 3 August 2018
Time of Arrival (China Time):
e.g. 15:30pm
If you are arriving at another location, please specify:
In certain circumstances, we will inform you whether pick-up service is available.
If you have another place to stay other than the university college (on-campus accommodation), please specify the name and address:
e.g. The Coli Hotel (168 Dayun Road, Longgang, Shenzhen, P.R.China)

By taxi, please kindly note the campus address below.
English Address: No.2001 Longxiang Avenue, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China
Chinese Address: 深圳 龙岗区 龙岗中心城 龙翔大道2001号 香港中文大学(深圳)

By public transportation, the nearest subway station is ‘大运站 (Universiade station). After getting off ‘大运站 (Universiade station)’, we recommend you leave at exit C and take B852 bus. This bus will lead you to ‘信息学院(Shenzhen Institute of Information and Technology)’ station where you can get off.

For additional assistance please check information below to find a Chinese speaker to help with directions.

Contact Person ---- Ms. Janet Li (E-mail: Janetli@cuhk.edu.cn)
Tel: 86-755-84273491 / 86-15013788934
WeChat: JJJanet_