Member Registration Form for CUPSA 香港中文大學研究生會會員申請表

Welcome to CUPSA!


We offer two kinds of membership for you.


First, the attribute member (unpaid member). The attribute members could get all the information of whole-year activities of CUPSA for free, no welfare.


Second, the basic member (paid member). The basic members could get a variety of welfare and benefits to CUPSA activities with only HKD 90 membership fee.


Both these two kinds of members are welcome to our activities, while only the basic members can enjoy the discounts and priorities to the activities and the rights to be the officers of CUPSA.






第一,附屬會員(免費會員), 可收到本會全年活動的資訊,活動費用不會受到補貼。

第二,基本會員(付費會員), 可在本會活動中享受到大量補貼,只需交90元港幣即可。



Member type. 會員類型
(If you choose the basic member, you will receive the payment method via email. 如果你選擇成為基本會員,你將會通過我們的後續郵件了解到繳費方法)
Chinese Name 中文姓名
e.g. 王小明 If you do not have a Chinese name, you may fill it with "N". 如無中文名,此處註明"N"。
English Name 英文姓名
e.g. Chan Tai Man / David Chan
Student ID Number(SID) 學生證號
Please input ten-digit student ID number. 請提供十位數的學生證號。
Gender 性別
Faculty 學院
Please select your faculty 請選擇你所屬的學院
Award Type 進修學位
Please select your programme type 請選擇你所修讀的學位
Department/Program 學系、專業
Expected time of graduation. 預期畢業時間
Please select your expected time of graduation. 請提供閣下預期畢業時間 e.g. 201711
Mobile Phone Number 聯繫電話
CUPSA officiers may contact you via this phone number. 研究生會可用這個電話號碼與你聯絡。
Contact Email 聯繫電郵
CUPSA will contact you via email. 研究生會將會通過郵件與你聯絡。
Wechat Number 微信號碼 (If any 如有)
CUPSA may contact you via wechat. 研究生會或通過微信號碼與你取得聯繫。
Current Address 現時住址
Please be as specific as possible so that we can mail relevant materials to you. 請盡可能具體地填寫住址以便於我們將會員福利郵寄給您。
Home Address 家庭住址
May be used when sending materials to you. 此地址可能會在向您郵寄會員資料時用到。
I agree to the below policy statement. 我同意以下收集個人資料聲明。
CUPSA Personal Information Collection Statement
Provision of personal data is necessary for processing and follow up on the request/enquiry submitted by you. The information collected from you will be used for the purposes of: authenticating your eligibility to use CUPSA resources and services, processing your request, answering your enquiry and inform you with activity intended for CUHK postgraduates. The submission of personal data is voluntary. However, insufficient personal data may prevent CUPSA from providing a required service or answering an enquiry. It is possible that any information submitted electronically could be observed by a third party in transit. CUPSA shall not be liable for any loss or damage to you as a result of this. Information we collect about you is strictly confidential. Data may be provided to CUPSA for administrative and promotional purposes. We will not disclose any personal information provided by you to any external bodies or organizations unless you have been consulted or we are required to do so by law. You have the right to request access to and correction of information about you held by CUPSA. We may charge you an administration fee for accessing the information. If you wish to access or correct your personal data held by CUPSA, please submit a request to

香港中文大學研究生會 收集個人資料聲明
本網頁收集閣下的個人資料,以處理及跟進閣下提交的申請或查詢。 本網頁所收集個人資料將作以下用途:確認閣下的身份,處理閣下的申請,回答閣下的查詢,發佈研究生活動資訊,發佈研究生會聲明 提供個人資料純屬自願性質。在個人資料不足夠的情況下, 研究生會不能為閣下提供所需服務或作出回應。 使用者以電子方式傳遞的資料,有機會在過程中被第三者竊取。使用者如因此引致損失,研究生會將不會負責。 所收集得的個人資料將會絕對保密。除非獲得資料當事人同意或在法律強制下,否則本網頁不會向外界機構或團體披露當事人在作出申請或查詢時所提供的任何個人資料。 資料當事人有權查閱及更正本網頁持有其個人的資料。研究生會或會在提供有關資料前收取費用。 如欲查閱或更改研究生會所持有閣下的個人資料,請電郵至