NYC MDF 2017 New York dance competition Semi-finals /fina

The 2018 NYC Multicultural Music & Dance Festival is about to start! As a perfect demonstration of “borderless art exchange”, this event aims to provide a fair and authoritative platform for dancers from all over the world to showcase their art, experience the beauty of other cultures, and open up more opportunities.


The 2018 New York Dance Competition preliminaries was held successfully at Queens Theater. Our new final competition will come at Nov 26th.


The contest has earned the community's support and confidence in providing professional assessments for contestants of all levels and hopes to encourage more students to actively engage in their study of dance. Through this festival, we believe that more attention can be drawn to dance culture and help the public to find themselves in the arts.






2018 NYCMDF紐約舞蹈大赛决赛将在8月12号举行.





* Name of Entry
* Studio
Studio Info
同校作品无需重填Skip if not the first entry from this studio
Cell #
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* Entry Fee
请选单/双/三/群舞 Please select # of dancers.
* Category 舞蹈类型
* Competition Level 比赛级别
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Registration deadline: October 20th, 2017 报名截止2017年10月20日。
All entries limited to 3 minutes. 作品上限3分钟。
Registration fee based on # of dancers in entry. 报名费取决于舞者人数。
Please write checks payable to 支票抬头请写 Asia American Dance Sport Corp. 
$10 additional fee for on-site registration 现场报名另交$10手续费 

For more information, please see our website 更多讯息请查看:
Festival hotline 活动热线: 
7183583903 中英文
5168717797 English & Espanol
* 1. 题目1
* 2.题目2 【多选题】