ShanghaiTech FoGG2017 Registration

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Date: 20-21 OCT 2017

Location: ShanghaiTech (No.199, Huanke Rd, Pudong district, Shanghai) 上海科技大学(上海市浦东新区环科路199号)

Free registration with abstract by 30 SEP 2017, without abstract by 10 OCT 2017. 

Registration is required to attend this conference. 

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Wechat ID: "SLST-Shanghaitech".
Registration Deadline:                      
10 OCT 2017

Registration with Abstract Deadline:
30 SEP 2017
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  • Although it is not mandatory, we highly recommend you to submit an abstract and present your poster.

    The benefits include:
    1. You get a wonderful opportunity to present your work to your peers publicly.
    2. You may receive valuable suggestions from more experienced scientists.
    3. You may have a chance to present your work to all audience in the short oral presentation session.
    4. You may win a poster presentation prize, which is going to significantly strengthen your CV.
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